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About us:
Revanth Infotech is Amazon Authorised consultant and service provider in jaipur, rajasthan. which specializes in providing a complete ecosystem for achieving higher sales on Amazon & other E-commerce platforms. Revanth Infotech is one stop solution for setting up, running and growing your business on Amazon & other ecommerce marketplaces without compromising your existing business. We chalk out precise strategies, tailor-made to suit your business, after analysing competitor data so that you can beat them at their own game! We help you prepare the best e-commmerce strategy to keep your business at the forefront of competition.Your decision to seek our help will be the best decision you will ever make.

Amazon Global Selling Services

Who are we?

We are a bunch of enthusiastic and self-motivated people who want to build simple solutions to complex problems. We are determined to make a difference in the lives of our customers, team and partners. We believe in simple and thoughtful solutions and strive to achieve the same.
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to become most trusted e-commerce ecosystem enterprise across the globe.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop skills and provide business management expertise which gives functionality and ease of operations to our e-commerce seller base.
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Amazon is well known as the most definitive, secure and highly favoured E-Market for large number of shoppers. Amazon has been conceded as “Online retail seller” as a part of US retail industry. The company is said to contribute 43% towards retail sales conducted online in US. Amazon gives an access to outreach millions of customers, which an organisation may not dream to reach alone. Amazon has the most gigantic retail market the globe has witnessed till date. On today’s date Amazon has its firm stand in the 10 most powerful nations of the world. It has a huge market operating in Canada, US, Mexico, UK, India, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, China and Japan. We are the authorised Amazon global service providers, who are dedicated to render complete consultancy services to ensure your sales on the Amazon market. We administer your operations on Amazon and take the responsibility of improvising your ranking on the portal.

In simple terms Revanth Infotech is a well performing E-commerce business consultancy global service provider who is staunched to serving the online E-commerce organisations. With our team of dedicated experts in the field of Management, technology and business we promise to support you throughout. We shall help you in planning, performing and monitor your results as well.

Our only motive is to grant you an international stand in the market. Indeed we have a tremendous record of serving a large customer base in Amazon to ensure their position in the global market.  We dedicate ourselves completely to serve you well and help you grow in each aspect. You are welcome to travel the road with us, which leads a triumphant end.
Following are the activities which we provide at Revanth Infotech- 

  • Setting the Merchant account
  • Central management for Amazon seller
  • Management of Amazon vendors
  • Management of Amazon FBA set up
  • Supervision
  • Customer Support
  • Ensuring monitoring support and consultancy
  • Managing the records of cost analysis of Amazon competitors,
  • Organising Inventory
  • Developing and managing ads for Amazon
  • SEO, images, product descriptions and management of reviews
  • Surveillance
  • Latest product listing and Amazon Analytics
  • Incorporating products in daily deals
  • Scrutinising products with best results.
  • Creating demand for the product
  • Optimizing the brand using SEO.
  • To understand it better, we serve in the following ways:
  • Evaluating the results and profitability of your product before placing to sell on Amazon.
  • Listing your brand name on Amazon.
  • Advertising your product with the help of images, product descriptions, keywords etc.
  • Benefiting you with the help of Amazon SEO, to improve your ranking,
  • Creating and optimising the paid ads on Amazon
  • Managing the shipping cost and Inventory with Amazon.
  • Evaluating which one would benefit you more-Vendor, Seller or both.
  • Drifting the vendors at Amazon’s seller central and FBA program.
  • Promoting sales on international platform.
  • Safety and Accuracy of Data

We have guidelines to ensure that 100% security and accuracy of work is maintained at your service centre. We also assure our clients an eagle eye on their inventory, to guarantee timely deliveries.
Therefore, we are undoubtedly your final destination to assure your success on the Amazon store.
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Amazon Account Manager

Would you like an Experienced Amazon Account Manager to handle & grow your Domestic & International Business?


Amazon Account Management

The most comprehensive service where we manage your Amazon Account end-to-end:

From Registering on Amazon, uploading products & inventory, day-to-day order management & Logistic assistance to managing the preliminary customer feedbacks & seller ratings.

We also assist you with Business Analysis and Reports in our market place management (MPM) service.

Basically, we are your ecommerce ecosystem partner...

Photo Shoot Management

Here, we click images that best represent your Products:

We specialise in e-commerce photography for all existing and emerging Platforms like Amazon, e-Bay, Flipkart, Pay-tm, Shopclues, Snapdeal, etc.

We know the angles required by each platform, have an experienced Photo shoot Management Team and if it’s a Model shoot, our clients get to choose from a wide Portfolio of Indian and International Models

The work comes with ‘Right – click Guarantee*’

Catalogue Management

The content displayed with the products is your pitch to your online customer. It should be accurate as well as interesting.

We take basic data from you and build content sheets for all the Marketplaces and also do creative writing for the product.

We have a team of experts, who are well versed with the content guidelines of every Marketplace. We even do it for your own website!
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Amazon Account Management

  • Want to sell on Amazon (or sell MORE) but not sure you have the time or knowledge about how to set up, manage and monitor your Seller Central account?  At Revanth Infotech, we provide an all-inclusive Amazon account management service where we will run your account for you.  This includes:
  • Amazon Account Manager - To start with we provide you with a Single Point of Contact, to address all your queries and who manages your operations; end-to-end
  • Depending upon the product you deal in, we help you choose the destination Online Market Places and then register your business on those.
  • List the new SKUs and keep the content updated.
  • Inventory updation & Optimization - We ensure every single unit that you allocate for Online is used optimally.
  • We process the Daily Orders on the seller centrals of all the Market Places where you choose to sell.
  • Labels - We give you ready – to – print stacks of Invoices & Shipping labels sorted by the platform, to keep it simple for you.
  • Shipping Assistance – Booking the Logistics partner through the Market place or for direct shipments.
  • Payments Reconciliation – by each order – because we know the importance of the cash flow in your business.
  • We keep a keen eye on your Ratings across the platform; address the primary customer queries for you.
  • Promotions – Assistance in understanding their impact on your revenue and profitability.
  • Periodic Reports to enable better decision making.
  • We also manage Amazon FBA accounts,Flipkart Advantage accounts and Snapdeal Plus service accounts
  • So if you need help with managing your account and in general with selling more or operating more efficiently on Amazon, reach out to our team and we’ll go over ways we can help and answer any questions you might have.
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Photo Shoot Management

  • We have a dedicated 600 Sq. ft. Studio that caters specifically to e-commerce photo-shoots.
  • Our Photo shoot Management team comprises of experienced photographers, stylists and photo editors.
  • Table-top and Model shoots, we do it all, for all categories.
  • Our Client get to choose from a range of Indian and International Models.
  • Depending on the Category the product falls in, we click 4 to 8 Images, from different and as per the guidelines of different Market Places.
  • The Service comes with the Free ‘Right-click Guarantee’.
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Amazon Catalogue Management

  • Our Catalogue Management Team comprises of creative content writers and cataloguers.
  • We ask you to fill a Master sheet, containing basic details of the product.
  • We sort the Raw Data & images for you.
  • And build the content for the SKUs to be listed in accordance with your Brand Identity.
  • Then, we place the data, images and content in the standard formats of all the Market places.
  • Upload these for you on the agreed Platforms.
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Amazon Account Manager

Are you planning to recruit a team of expert consultants for your Amazon Business, but you are not prepared to invest in a full time employee? Looking forward to hiring a manager to promote and monitor your Online E-commerce business platform without investing a major part of your budget and resources. Then we are your Godly support in disguise. Feel free to contact us to “Rent Us” so as to support the growth of your business and we shall guide you to your path of success and glory by aiding the promotion of your products and services 24*7. You shall receive 360 degree solutions for all your E-commerce business problems.

We will allot one of our web experts who will have a deep analysis of your business activities and your E-Business plans including online product listing, Website management and social media updates. Based on the analyses we shall build a road map to create enormous demands for your services and products. Once there is an authorised approval from your end we will work as your Amazon Account manager (International and National E-business consultant and Social Media Manager) and will guide you in regards to monitoring and evaluation of your business services and sales.

Your Account manager will construct a planned network in order to ensure the continuity of growth in terms of revenue and sales from your E-commerce business. We shall also take care of branding objective and business strategies on the E-commerce platform to assure you have a flawless and highly competitive market for your product. How can you be assured that your consultants are performing their duty well and are dedicated to giving you worthy results? Well the answer is, “The Company’s bank account shall recite the story on our behalf.” 
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Cataloguing per product (INR)
Only Product Listing Rs30
Basic Cataloguing Rs30
Advanced Cataloguing Rs100
Female Model Photo Shoots per product
Kurtis-Leggings Rs250
Ethnic Sarees Rs500
Western-Formals Rs300
Western-Casuals Rs300
Lingerie-Innerwear Rs450
Male Model Photo Shoots per product
Ethnic Rs350
Western-Casuals Rs300
Western-Formals Rs300
Innerwear Rs450
Product Photo Shoots per product
Standard Rs100
Shiny Rs120
Bulky Rs150
Image Editing per image
Standard Products Rs15
Shiny Products Rs15
Apparels Rs10

*Prices may vary depending on product or model
*Service tax and other taxes as applicable
*Any other charges as per actual
†Extra charges applicable


A. Amazon Seller Support

We provide Amazon expert help and support to resolve issues and grow sales on Amazon Panel by means of:
  • Live video conference sessions
  • One-to-one support visits
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B.  Amazon Seller Training

1. We provide training to new/existing Online sellers by means of:
  • Live video conference sessions
  • In-centre Group training sessions
  • Personalised one-to one training

2. We train students/new-comers / self-employed and make them certified Amazon sellers.

Training Modules :

  • Upc & Brand Registration
  • Account Setting
  • Shipping Setting
  • Add Products
  • Managing Inventory
  • Fees
  • Order Processing
  • Managing Returns
  • Account Health & Performance Management
  • Buyer Communication



Corporate Office:
Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302021



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