Are you still wondering Why Amazon Suspends your seller accounts?

Find out the reason why Amazon suspends you or bans you from selling and how you can recover the account.
Why Does Amazon suspend you?
1. Not Following the Guidelines of Amazon:
Its amazon’s home and if you not follow Amazon guidelines they might suspend your account. So it’s better to read the guidelines properly and take time to understand it better.  You can take a professional consultant’s help as well. There are a lot of Amazon business advisory which will provide you proper guidance on a regular basis or as per your need.
2. Selling Inappropriate Items:
Amazon provides you the list of items which you can sell it to Amazon. Stick to the list and sell only those products. If you are still in doubt then search on Amazon if that kind of products is listed on Amazon already or not or interact with amazon seller support for complete assistance.
3. Multiple Seller accounts:
Amazon wants every seller to sell from a single account which is why they track IP address. You should log in your account from same IP address(for example you have logged in from your mobile internet then use the mobile internet only and not any kind of WI-FI) and same system(for example you have used your laptop then use your laptop always to log in and not other devices like tablet, mobile) to avoid any discrepancies. Even if you wish to sell in multiple categories do not sell it from different accounts. Amazon allows you to sell in multi-category from a single account.
4. Your Account Health Matters A lot:
On basis of pre-fulfillment cancellation rate, late shipment rate, and order defect rate. These should be lower and almost near to 0-4%. If it exceeds then there are chances that your account gets suspended. Always try to resolve these issues by the time they arise. You can appoint an Amazon account manager to manage your account health thus allowing you to keep selling.
These are the possible reasons for your Suspended amazon seller’s Account. An effective plan of action which will be promising enough to convince that you will strictly follow the guidelines and assure amazon for the same.