Increase Your Conversions To Increase Your Revenue

An integrated digital marketing strategy gives a foundation to all key marketing activities for which you need to have a best digital marketing company in jaipur which will help your business to grow. Online marketing is a necessity in today’s scenario, especially when both competitors and potential customers are constantly online,  integrating a comprehensive and working digital marketing strategy into existing marketing models.
A lot of focus is needed to be placed on the traffic that flows into your website, and more importantly, how many of them actually convert into customers. This is where the system of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes into the picture. CRO is a system that helps you to increase the percentage of visitors on a website which is actually converting into customers or take any desired action the webpage.
Conversion Rate is measured in a percentage which is normally calculated by the number of “Target Actions” divided by the total number of unique visits to the pages. A “Target Action”  is defined as any action which is intended to be performed by a user. It can be a newsletter subscription to any blog website, buying an item from an e-commerce site or simply filling up an enquiry form in case of any service providing company.
Let's say the website is hitting an average conversion rate of about 1% that means out of 100 people who are visiting the website out of them only 1 is converting into a customer. Not to lose those remaining 99 people who did not want to become potential customers for various reasons is where the conversion rate optimization strategy comes in the picture. Their needs are analysed and according to collected data strategies are built to ensure that the major chunk of your visitors ends up being your customers.
CRO focuses on making changes as per the needs and behavior of your visitors. The changes may not be big all the time. But helping you make even the 2nd person out of the 100 to become your customer makes it double your revenue.
Factors involved in Conversion Rate Optimisation
From using collected data to analyse to applying user psychology, Conversion Rate Optimisation has a fair bit of science and art combined. It is guided by certain factors that must be kept in mind to make the most of it:
1.Value Proposition: The Value Proposition of the landing page of your website is a key aspect of conversion. The user must be able to understand at the first glance what he is getting out of your website. To put it even more simply, the user wants to know what is in it for them. Your Call-To-Action (CTA) must be clearly communicated. For eg for booking a service, it should say Book Now! To enquire about a service the button should say Enquire Now and for a shopping website it should say Shop Now or Buy Now!
2.Clarity: It is very important to be clear in your mind what the value proposition of your website is. It should clearly be able to communicate to the users. From your User Interface to your User Experience, it should clearly communicate what you want them to do.
3.Relevance: Once the value proposition is chiseled out clearly, we need to worry about the relevance of what the user was expecting to see. No matter the value of your proposition, it doesn’t make sense to the user if that’s not his need or interest.Thus it is also important to consider the source media through which the incoming visitor is visiting, and the messaging which draws the user to visit the page. This has to be consistent else visitors will become distracted, resulting in high bounce rates.
4.Urgency: Another factor which impacts conversions is the sense of urgency with which the content on the page appears to the users. If a user decides to leave the page without taking the required action he may never come back again.  So one thing to look out for is if there is a clear indication that the action needs to be taken now. This is why many landing pages use the term “Get the FREE whitepaper Now!” , so as to push the user to take the required action immediately. InstaPage landing pages combines clarity , relevance and sense of urgency with the simple CTA – ‘Get Started Now’.
5.Distraction: Keep your page as clutter-free as possible. Stick to simple colors, one messaging strategy, and redundant product options or information. We must remember that the attention span of a user on the internet is less than 6 seconds. Hence, you would not want to distract them away from your CTA.
6.Anxiety: One of the other factors that impact your conversion is the anxiety with which the visitor decides to act upon your Call- To – Action. These could either be implicit or explicit. Trust symbols and comfortable content is often a way to diminish this sort of curiosity and gain the trust of your users. 
These are the 6 factors which impact conversions and if they are considered during the CRO process, it will help you ‘Double your conversions” in 30 days.At Revanth Infotech we follow a 5-step CRO process which takes all the above factors into consideration to help you improve your conversions in the business.