5 Reason Why you Should Start Selling on Amazon Today?

Still not sure if you should sell online or not? Still wondering if not selling online then I'm doing wrong or right? Here are the reasons which will make your store go online today.
1. Amazon provides a vast audience:
e-Commerce provides a vast area for your business to sell more and more across the globe. Many opportunities are available with you to expand your business globally. As it allows the cope to reach to new markets from one place with almost no investment.
2.You can be Available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:
Trim down the extra cost to the business through automation and use of e-Media by cutting cost on labour and space and increasing available hours. Thus providing an opportunity to convert an idea into a business
3.More Gain with Low Risk:
With great Social Media Engagement which is not high in investment but high yield on return on investment such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc helps you to give limitless possibilities for the creation of New Sales Channels with boundless Universal Accessibility. The platform is more rapid as the response to both e-Businesses and the end user is fast.
4. Selling online is seller friendly:

Most of the platforms are user-friendly and help you in every way to sell online through appointing amazon business consultants which helps you from registration, to manage your orders, inventory and allow you to make a profit.
5. Testing Purposes:
Selling through Amazon is one of the best ways to test the market for a new product. Many companies have already done like that, One plus was exclusively available on Amazon and its sales data does not require any explanation. This helps in testing new products by providing you whether there is a demand for a product, what that demand is, and, more importantly, what you can charge for the product.